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ESP Power Cord Sale Black Friday Weekend Sale

If You’ve Ever Considered An ESP Power Cord… But put off purchasing one, now is the time to buy a MusicCord, MusicCord-PRO, Essence Reference, or any ac power component we offer for the best prices we’ve ever offered from the ESP Online Store.

FREE FedEx International Shipping World-Wide!

Now through November 27, take advantage of the best offer of the year on every product! Click on the links below for more information about specific products:

MusicCord The New Standard of Performance & Quality.

MusicCord-PRO “If you’ve got to have the best, this is it.” Bass Player

MusicCord-PRO Power Distributor “I ran two tube amplifiers through the distributor, and in both cases there was a definite improvement in clarity, particularly noticeable at higher volumes.” DownBeat

MusicCord ES Narrowing The Performance Gap – High-Performance Audio

MusicCord-PRO ES “Budget-priced power products that are at home in pricey audio systems.” The Audio Beat

MusicCord-PRO ES Power Distributor “The MusicCord-Pro ES distributor is not so much basic as hot-rodded for pure power throughput.” The Audio Beat

The Essence Reference “produced the most analog and realistic sound I’ve yet to hear from digital.” The Inner Ear

The Essence Reference Power Distributor “There is a fulsome neutrality, not the emaciated version that so many audiophiles have come to identify as neutrality, along with a fast, wide band handling of transients.” SoundStage!

ESP power cords are the most affordable way
to significantly improve your sound.

Get all the performance you paid for from your audio gear! You just don’t know how much you’ve been missing until you’ve tried an ESP power cord with your instrument amplifier, pro-audio gear, home hi-fi or home theater system.

Click here for the ESP Power Cord sale

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