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The Big Gig by Zoro

Are you thinking about becoming a successful professional musician? Do you have any idea what it takes? Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own personal mentor to give you the insight to avoid the many pitfalls of this highly competitive business?

If you perked up to any of these questions, then you had better read “The Big Gig” by Zoro. This book will either help you head in the right direction or it will change your mind and make you pursue some other goal.

The main focus of this book is on becoming a Freelance Musician. I found the insights that professional drummer Zoro has garnished from his own life experience to be frank and honest. Nothing is sugar coated here!

As you start to read, he lays all the cards out in front of you; everything you wanted to know about this path is right here. You really need to know how hard and yet rewarding the life of a freelance musician can be. If you can make it past the first chapters and still want to do this, then the rest of the book will help you go for it. There is even a fifty-question quiz to aid in your self-evaluation… What are your real chances of scoring the Big Gig?

Zoro’s book is loaded with quotes, spiritual thoughts and even QR codes that with the help of your smartphone make this tome very interactive.

I will simplify the content for you right here.

It all starts with planning, vision and strategy. Follow the dream with a lot of hard work, practice and mastering the craft.

Once you have adequately prepared and are committed to continuous growth, then get out there, audition, record, tour and promote yourself.

Now that you think you have it made, then you need to keep promoting yourself, network, find endorsements and diversify so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Lastly you need to do all this while you try to have a life of your very own with personal relationships, avoiding addictions and finding a greater purpose to your existence.

Now that I have given you the gross outline, you will have to read this book for an immense wealth of detailed information that will prove useful for the beginners and Pros alike.

Check it out!

The Big Gig by Zoro available at Bassbooks.com

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