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French Bass Virtuoso Dominique DiPiazza is Back in the Markbass Family

French Bass Virtuoso Dominique DiPiazza is Back in the Markbass Family… After a short period endorsing another bass amp brand Dominique DiPiazza happened to plug into a Markbass rig on one of his gigs, and quickly realized that his initial departure had been a mistake. “I instantly remembered why I fell in love with Markbass the first time,” says Dominique. “The sound was even better than I remembered it… and I realized that only Markbass can give me the tone and performance that I need for my playing and my music. Also, I missed the feeling of family that is very special about Marco and everyone at Markbass. So I contacted Marco and asked him if I could come back… and as before, I found a kind feeling that I never had with the other company. Both my ears and my heart can’t be wrong!”

The next few months will be very busy for Dominique. They will include recording projects with pianist Stephan Horton, Philippe and Nathalie Petrucciani, and actress/singer Maria de Medeiros. He will also perform on a live DVD shoot with the Francis Lockwood Trio for “Tribute to Hendrix.”

Dominique will play concerts with Mikakérémyin Paris; with Blues & Beyond in France and at the Hua Hin festival in Thailand; with 4essential in France; as a guest of Yiorgos Fakanas in Athens, Greece; with Philippe Petrucciani in Paris/Versailles; tour of French Guiana (April 5-12) with the electro-jazz group Synopsis; tour of Russia with the Piazzolla All Stars Band (April 21 to 27); with Michael Sagmaster in Marburg, Germany; and “Tribute to Hendrix” in Kazakhstan with Francis Lockwood (June 19-24)

He will give master classes at Music Academy International in (Nancy, France), Tout Pour le Bassiste (Besançon, France), EF2M (Tourcoing, France), IMFP (Salon-de-Provence, France), Martigues (France), and workshops at European Jazz School (Marburg, Germany).

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