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A New Year and the Beginning of a New Era

Editor's Notes

A New Year and the Beginning of a New Era

As we start the New Year, I want to take a moment to contemplate our journey and thank all those who have made it possible.

I must first take a moment to bid a fond farewell to Jake Kot… Editor, teacher and friend. As Jake engages his new ventures, all of us here at Bass Musician Magazine wish him much continued success.

Over the past 4+ years, we have been privileged to have all of the great staff-writers and contributors that have selflessly take their time to add their voice to your magazine. Our BMM family is growing and through them we are widening our scope of coverage to include new and exciting areas of interest.

We are fortunate to count on the support of our VIP sponsors that make it possible to keep Bass Musician Magazine a free publication. These business entities, both large and small, share our passion and commitment to the bass and to music. I encourage you, our readers, to patronize these friends of ours so as to allow them to continue to support our efforts.

As we venture into 2012…

Much of the vision we started out with for this magazine will continue and at the same time I am looking forward to discovering the potentially positive changes the future might bring. Evolution is a necessary trait for a “Scrappy” little mag such as ours. Even though change is inevitable, what you can always count on with BMM is this… we will ALWAYS put the musician first, and our content is aimed at bringing the most current and relevant information to the bass musician worldwide.

And coming in January… We will be covering Winter NAMM to bring you the latest and most timely information from the floors of the Anaheim Convention Center. Besides timely video coverage, make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter feed (#BassMusicianMag) as Allee Futterer brings you the up-to-date happenings from the inside!

So, my fellow musicians, as we move forward, I invite you ALL to continue to be a part of this grand adventure:

  • Volunteer to contribute to BMM through educational articles/resources, reviews or covering events… have something to share? Drop us a line!
  • Share Bass Musician Magazine with your bass playing friends… We grow one reader at a time.
  • Join our free community where you can promote your events, music and projects or just make some new friends.
  • And feel free to interact with our writers by leaving comments at the bottom of the articles… they like getting your feedback!

Remember, this is YOUR Bass Magazine and Community for 2012 and hopefully years to follow.

Prosperous New Year to All!

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