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Bass Strap: Gruv Gear DuoStrap Signature Damian Erskine Ergonomic Double Strap

Bass Strap: Gruv Gear DuoStrap Signature Damian Erskine Ergonomic Double Strap… “I initially built my first double shoulder strap around 6 or 7 years ago after getting home from a long tour,” shared Damian Erskine, a touring and session bassist who came up with the original concept for the DuoStrap. “We played 4-6 nights a week and most shows were about 4 hours long. I was also using a new 6-string bass that was heavier than I was accustomed to, and I noticed that my fingers were going numb because of the pressure my old strap was putting on my neck (in addition to my back and shoulders getting sore each night). After a few weeks of buying straps, strips of leather, foam & rivets and trying every possible configuration I could think of, I came upon a double shoulder strap concept that not only distributed the weight evenly across both shoulders, but it actually made my instrument more maneuverable and more comfortable to play!”

Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear, notes, “We met Damian about 4 years ago and became one of our very first Artist Endorsers, right when we were just introducing our first line of products. I had noticed his double strap on one of his YouTube videos some few months after, and being that ergonomics was one of our company’s primary focuses, I knew this was something we could develop together and help more musicians achieve pain-free playing. We put our heads together, filed for a patent, and got to work!”

What makes the DuoStrap unique from the few other past attempts to make an ergonomic strap is its intentional approach to help keep the player’s position natural. Most of the other double straps that have come and gone usually forced the user to an awkward position, making the instrument even more of a chore to play. The DuoStrap actually encourages a proper playing position, not having the guitar too low or too abrupt an angle, but allowing the player’s hands and wrists to rest naturally in a comfortable posture.

The DuoStrap also boasts wider 3.5” strap surfaces where it touches the shoulders, which also aid in distributing the weight. Multiple adjustment points for both the first and second straps allow the player to fine-tune the DuoStrap to the setting that fits their body well, while this “Signature” model strap’s soft garment leather ensures the most supple materials keep a gentle touch on guitar surfaces.

Damian adds, “My problem was how to make my strap but in a way that is endlessly adjustable and work with any body type, allow them to have the guitar exactly where and how they want it, and still be comfortable. This is where Gruv Gear really shone! I was already using their V-Cart and was very impressed with both the styling and (more importantly) build quality of everything they did. They took my double strap concept and knocked it out of the park! I couldn’t be more proud and excited to have my name on this product. I’ve used it for years now and I can’t go back to any other strap.”

Legendary multi-platinum bass player Mike McKinney, who has played in several tours and recordings with Michael Jackson and wrote the famous bass line for “Billie Jean” shares, “After over 30 years of playing in venues from clubs to auditoriums to arenas, I’ve always felt awkward having my bass sit on one shoulder with one strap. I discovered the DuoStrap from Gruv Gear and fell in love with it – This strap revolutionizes the way you hold the bass and takes the pressure off one shoulder. It’s really much more comfortable to stand and there’s not much pressure any more. It’s much better playing to people when you’re comfortable!”

To learn more about the new Gruv Gear DuoStrap Signature “Damian Erskine” Ergonomic Double Strap, its multi-mode convertible carts and handtrucks including the V-Cart Solo, Solo Lite, Solo XL, and Muver 6, and innovative tech backpacks including the Stadium Bag and Club Bag, please visit

About Gruv Gear
Gruv Gear designs and builds innovative utility gear and accessories for creative professionals, including musicians, DJs, photographers, cinematographers, film makers, audio/video engineers, and media crews. Founded by a musician and product designer, the California-based company has been seeing tremendous forward momentum and widespread acclaims in a very short time, with global patents pending for its current innovations and more game-changing products slated in 2011.

Gruv Gear continues to flex its marketing muscle with grassroots clinics and events, exclusive online campaigns, and major artist endorsements. The company have already made avid endorsers out of some of the world’s top artists, including musicians from American Idol and Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” players Alex Al and Jonathan Moffett, Peter Erskine (multi Grammy-winning drummer, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Yellowjackets), Jon Myron Clark (Michael Jackson “The Immortal” World Tour by Cirque du Soleil), Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), Norm Stockton (Lincoln Brewster), DJ Icy Ice (World Famous Beat Junkies, Kanye West and Black Eyed Peas Parties, Grammy After Parties, Manny Pacquiao After Parties), and Ray Roman (award-winning cinematographer and named one of the top 25 studios in the world).

About Damian Erskine
Damian Erskine is not your ordinary bass player. Damian is known for his ability to fit into any musical situation and his extraordinary reading and improvising skills. Damian has played in the studio or on the stage with the likes of Peter Erskine · Teri-Lynn Carrington · Gino Vannelli · John Ellis · Shawn Pelton · Sveti w/ Marko Djordjevic · Luis Conte · Brandon Ross · Les McCann · Jeff Lorber · Vardan Ovsepian · Charmaine Neville · Jessy J · Luis Perdomo · Tony Furtado · Kate Schutt · Bobby Torres · Alan Jones · Patrick Lamb · Dan Balmer · Klezmocracy and many others as well as being featured on the Gospel Chops “Shed Sessionz Vol. 1” DVD. Whether playing as a sideman or with his own group, he is known for his rock solid bass work, virtuosic solos and thoughtful chordal abilities.

Damian is also an adjunct professor at both Portland State University and Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon.

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