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Bassist Pablo Della Bella, Beating the Odds


Bassist Pablo Della Bella, Beating the Odds

Bassist Pablo Della Bella, Beating the Odds… Bassist Pablo Della Bella carries a rather inspiring story. Overcoming obstacles became second nature after growing up in Argentina at the peak of its economic hardships and dealing with a very unstable household. As a child he can remember watching commercials for the cruise lines that would port in Buenos Aires, and realizing that he would never be able to afford that lifestyle.

At age seven Pablo began playing the piano though he claims he never liked it, “I wasn’t very captivated by it, but as soon as I discovered the radio and other types of music I started caring about it.” Once he was in high school he had also picked up the guitar. When none of the three bands at his high school had bass players he began to fill in for all of them. Still not completely committed but he was soon invited to a concert that would solidify his decision to play music. His teacher was part of a 13-piece timba band that performed regularly in Buenos Aires, as it was compiled of the best local musicians. Pablo left the event feeling inspired and humbled, and from then on dreamed of playing in that band.

“I always tried to stay busy, studying long hours and accepting every gig I was offered.” At 16 he began playing as a studio musician, a bass player for 3 salsa bands, and even a musical director for a salsa band. In the studio he also was a co-producer on the renowned Argentinian album “Bossa n’ Tango”. As if he wasn’t already an over-achieving sixteen year old, his successes brought him to a rock band that did multiple dates on national television!

At the peak of his childhood career, his family faced a great tragedy and he was forced out of his home. As he began looking and exploring options, he realized that if he wanted out of Argentina he had to learn to read music. Because there was no text on sight-reading available to him he used logic and taught himself to read. (ex: 4/4=4 quarter notes=4 beats of equal value) With this principle in mind he began auditioning for cruise ships and after being turned away twice was accepted on Royal Caribbean. Pablo remained with Royal Caribbean for 18 months, travelling the world and doing what he had never thought possible.  While aboard his first ship the musical director had told him about Berklee College of Music and encouraged him to audition in the United States. He auditioned and was accepted but remained with Royal Caribbean for another year, during that year he was promoted to Musical Director on another ship.

In coming to the United States and being enrolled in school Pablo quickly got connected with well-known acts throughout New England. Currently he is writing and playing for acts such as The MoonLighters, Night Life Orchestra and Sweet Tooth and The Sugarbabies. Recently he wrote a small book called “Sight Reading for the Contemporary Musician” filled with 44 tips, he wished he would have had when getting started.  He explained, “I didn’t want to write an extensive book, but something that can be carried in a small bag when it’s time to practice, so the musician can start applying the techniques right away.” This guide will be available in all major music retailers in the United States in February.

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