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Emma Anzai is One Sick Puppy by Allee Futterer

Emma Anzai is One Sick Puppy… Maybe you have heard of the band SickPuppies…. you know, the band with the rockin’ female bassist that opened for Evanescence and even Nickelback!

Well for those of you haven’t, meet Emma Anzai of SickPuppies, a heavy-melodic-rock band straight out of Sydney, Australia.  Emma got started on the bass when she was around 16 years old after she heard the band Silverchair. Though she had no formal training, she has picked up some technique and theory from various places. Though the band met in high school they have since relocated from Sydney to Los Angeles, where they have started to tour the United States while trying to conquer the rock market.

A common theme for many underground bands is the “open road” a reference to touring life.  Being the only chick on an entire tour full of dudes can be a daunting task, yet Emma approaches it gracefully and in such a unique way, “I think the general thought about girls in bands is the need for them to be ‘sexy’ and people forget that girls want to play too, just as much and as well and guys do.” She further explains that she is, “Always happy to see women out there ‘doing their thing’. This community attitude is a very popular theme in the underground rock scene and knowing that no matter how tough things are, someone has your back is the theme that keeps that scene alive.”

Though apparently the scene in the United States is much healthier than elsewhere, Emma also shared, “The country is big and if you commit and do the work you’ll reach many, many people, which is the goal.”

Even though Emma and SickPuppies have only begun their journey they have been blessed to travel with huge acts that target their demographic.  As Emma’s resume grows she has the support and endorsements of companies such a Warwick and Ampeg. And with inspirations as diverse as Flea and Victor Wooten, it is certain that we will hear lots about her and her band in the next year!

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