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Auralex Installed In World Music Nashville’s New Live Venue

Auralex Installed In World Music Nashville’s New Live Venue…  Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, helped World Music Nashville, located in Nashville, TN, launch its new live music venue with the installation of Auralex SonoSuede HT™ System acoustics treatment panels throughout the space.

World Music Nashville is a niche, high-end guitar shop run by Larry Faragalli. The store was recently remodelled to include a 120-seat event venue. “This new space will be used in a number of ways,” says Faragalli. “We’ll have live performances, music industry educational events, manufacturer clinics, student performances, CD/DVD releases and community events.” A Taylor Guitar Road Show and a Martin Guitar Steel String Showdown were recently hosted at the new venue. Performances by such artists as Alex Call, composer of the hit “867-5309:Jenny,” as well as the Nashville Blues Society’s “Nashville Blues Challenge” have also already been held there.

The SonoSuede HT System is a cost-effective, complete do-it-yourself room treatment system ideal for any critical listening environment. The synthetic suede fabric-covered panels provide the acoustical performance and visual impact critical for today’s applications. The SonoSuede HT System’s unique mounting blocks enable users to space the panels off the wall. The resulting air gap dramatically improves low-frequency absorption and also offers a multitude of decorative options.

As audio technology continues to evolve, sound control solutions must meet greater acoustical demands while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The SonoSuede HT panels are the sole provider of critical acoustical absorption and enhance the look of the World Music Nashville’s live music venue.

Brown SonoSuede HT panels are mounted along the walls of the space, on the back and just off to one side of the stage. They are also strategically placed along the side and back walls of the audience.

Faragalli couldn’t be happier with how the new live space turned out. “The room sound is now perfectly tuned,” he says. “A big reason for this was the help from Auralex. They analyzed the room dimensions and advised us on what Auralex products to use and how to apply them in a manner that looks good and sounds great. Auralex was there all along the way when it came to helping us tune our room.”

The live music venue is fully equipped with a PA system, including Peavey mains and monitors, along with inputs, effects and mics. There is also a drum kit, keyboard and bass amp, along with lights above the raised stage.

World Music Nashville is one of Nashville’s finest musical instrument stores and also houses the city’s largest and most successful privately run Music Lesson Center. For more information on World Music and a list of upcoming events, visit

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