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MusicCord-PRO Power Cord And The Movie John Carter

MusicCord-PRO Power Cord And The Movie John Carter… Many of you have probably seen the trailer for the movie “John Carter”, which opened in theaters in the US and Canada, March 9, 2012. Well, it may interest you to know that MusicCord-PRO power cords positively impacted the recording of the film score. MusicCord-PRO power cords were used with the microphone pre-amplifiers and other critical recording components in recording the ‘strings’, (violin, cello, etc.) for the musical score! MusicCord-PRO afforded more natural warmth and improved imaging, especially the cello solos!

Yes – MusicCord power cords are being increasingly used in broadcast and film. Did you know that lead audio engineer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Patrick Smith uses MusicCord-PRO with his Genelec studio monitors to listen to the show’s audio? By the way, Patrick also uses The Essence power cords and Power Distributor in his home audio system!

You just don’t know how much you’re missing until you’ve tried an ESP power cord with your instrument amplifier, pro-audio gear, or audiophile hi-fi home audio or home theater systems!

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