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The Commuters Release Exclusive Download of Rescue on with Bassist Ben Zwerin

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The Commuters Release Exclusive Download of Rescue on with Bassist Ben Zwerin

The Commuters Release Exclusive Download of Rescue on with Bassist Ben Zwerin… The indie-rock band known as The Commuters have released an exclusive download of their title track “Rescue” on today, March 28th! The band will be releasing their debut album, Rescue, on April 17th via Communal Records. Although they might hail from NYC, their kinetic, personally revealing anthems also capture an alt-rock essence that aspires towards worldwide appeal. Mastered by Fred Kevorkian (White Stripes/Ryan Adams), The Commuters’ signature attributes are front and center on this release. Download “Rescue” on, here:

As their name suggests, The Commuters have traveled through a lifetime of musical influences, but it’s their own personal global journeys that have guided the foursome to something universally intimate. Before forming the band in 2010, Canadian-born but Philippines-raised front man, Zeeshan Zaidi, spent numerous years working in the Music Industry. Producing and engineering Grammy-nominated artist Ryan Leslie’s first demo, as well as working in the marketing department of major labels on the likes of OutKast and Cee Lo Green, Zaidi was just getting started. When the time arrived to put his own abilities as a songwriter and performer front and center, he immediately contacted Philippines childhood friend and NYC producer, Uri Djemal. The two got to work co-producing the album at Djemal’s Madpan Studios in Manhattan.

“Uri’s studio was a few blocks from my apartment and he was telling me for years to come work on my songs there. One day – when I knew it was time – I just walked over with a dozen demos and we started,”explains Zaidi.

With Zaidi and Djemal on guitar, French-raised Ben Zwerin (bass) and Italian-American Paul Amorese (drums) joined the two to complete the current lineup.

Signed to Zaidi’s New York based label, Communal Records, The Commuters have already seen great success having their video for hit single “As I Make My Way” added to mtvU’s rotation, as well as receiving extensive airplay on many major college radio stations, such as KCSS, WLJS, WONY, WAKE, and WRDP, among others. The band has established themselves at notable hometown venues such as Arlene’s Grocery, Lit Lounge, Spike Hill, with this release only leaving room for more. Lead single “As I Make My Way”, has it all: an unforgettable hook, roomy guitars and a grounded rhythm section that anchors the track’s precise tension. The whole album is tied together by Zaidi’s poignant lyrics, focusing on transparently human experiences and emotions.

While every band aims to last, The Commuters’ unique combination of its members’ personal histories and creative backgrounds leading up to this moment foreshadows a longer and brighter future than most. “Our hope and our goal is to be around for as long as possible,” says Zaidi. “We want to build this over time – the first album is just the start.”

The Commuters will release Rescue on April 17th. Please go to for more updates.

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