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ANVIL Producer and NY Filmmakers Launch VISUAL MIXTAPE Movie in NYC

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ANVIL Producer and NY Filmmakers Launch VISUAL MIXTAPE Movie in NYC

ANVIL Producer and NY Filmmakers Launch VISUAL MIXTAPE Movie in NYC… Director Trevor Undi and Producer Sean Barney (Anvil! The Story of Anvil) launched a Kickstarter campaign in New York City for a hybrid-musical film, The Kymera Project, a “Visual Mixtape” anthology film constructed of new music video segments.

In describing The Kymera Project, the director explains, “This is the ultimate movie for music and film lovers. I grew up in the MTV era and music video to me has always been about innovation and I think it’s time to do something truly cinematic and different with the medium. I think this is not only an exciting new format for a film, but it also breathes life and innovation into the music video form by bringing it closer to how we experience movies”.

When pressed on musician choices the filmmakers said “It really depends where we end up in our music budget. As far as sounds go, it’s about harmony and diversity. It would be amazing to flow every which way from James Blake to Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nicolas Jaar to Drake. That’s gonna be the fun part. Making the perfect playlist or set and then creating the videos and building a movie with them.”
The Project launched on Kickstarter with an impressive set of rewards, including a “remix” concept where backers of the project get access to the completed film, music and extra visual content to remix and recut their own visual mixtape. “I really want this whole process to be inclusive, and for everyone who pledges to feel the pride of ownership in something innovative and new. Kickstarter is the perfect venue to accomplish that. It makes the whole process public, open and interactive.”
The Kymera Project is the world’s first true Visual Mixtape; A collection of original, narrative-based music video segments from multiple artists woven together into an anthology film.
Unlike some experimental musical films such as Pink Floyd — The Wall, the concept of The Kymera Project is a multi-artist compilation, with a structure based upon the cultural ideology of the mixtape; The creation of an album, a mood and sound, that can make an artistic statement greater than the sum of its parts. Each music video segment is different and tells its own story, while at the same time playing a part in the bigger picture of the film.
Among members of the assembled production team is Producer, Sean Barney (Anvil! The Story of Anvil), Music Supervisor Matt Feldman (SKINS – US) and Choreographer Luam Keflezgy: (Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Brittany Spears, Kanye West).
The Kymera Project is live on Kickstarter at:
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