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The Company We Keep Release Exclusive Stream on with Bassist Brian Southall

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The Company We Keep Release Exclusive Stream on with Bassist Brian Southall

The Company We Keep Release Exclusive Stream on with Bassist Brian Southall… The Company We Keep, the first of five bands in the Making Moves series, have released an exclusive stream of their “Pattern Against User” cover on today, April 12th. Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Records (MDR) and Motion City Soundtrack are pleased to announce Making Moves, a series of 7 inch releases by emerging artists, produced and curated by members of Motion City Soundtrack.  The Making Moves series will be released jointly on MAD Dragon Records and Motion City Soundtrack’s recently launched record label, The Boombox Generation. The alternative-rock band, known as The Company We Keep, will kick off the Making Moves series with their 7-inch release on Tuesday, April 24th. This will contain two single tracks on 7-inch vinyl, as well as a bonus track released with the digital package.  Check out why The Company We Keep chose to cover “Pattern Against User”, here:

The Company We Keep is a coming-together of three doe eyed veterans arranging a melodic framework to showcase the voice of newcomer, Amy Brennan. The project began on the road when Brian Southall (The Receiving End of Sirens) and tour manager for Motion City Soundtrack and Thrice presented Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack) with a series of compositions for which he would eventually contribute lyrics and melodies. While in-between tours, Southall was introduced to Brennan. After watching various videos of her singing online, her amazing voice and powerful presence inspired him to beg her to contribute to the project. Lastly was the search for a drummer. The search lasted only as long as it took Southall to consult his first choice – old friend, and Misery Signals drummer, Branden Morgan. With a star line-up, this release is without a doubt a highly anticipated release of 2012!
The Company We Keep were the first band from the Making Moves series to head into Drexel University’s studios. The tracks were produced by Justin Pierre and Josh Cain of Motion City Soundtrack, along with Drexel’s Music Industry Program alumnus, Lenny Skolnick, Dave Petit and undergraduate students Justin Chapman engineering the sessions. Brian Southall tells us, “Our Making Moves recording experience was great.  It was hard to not be skeptical when thinking you’re headed into a studio you’ve never seen, with engineers you’ve never met, but I was blown away by the outcome.  I couldn’t be happier with the music we made during that time.
The Company We Keep will kick of the Making Moves series by releasing their 7 inch vinyl and digital download on April 24th. For more information on the band, please visit:
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