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Noteflight’s New Mobile Sheet Music Viewer for the iPad and Other Devices

Noteflight’s New Mobile Sheet Music Viewer for the iPad and Other Devices… Noteflight LLC announced the release of its much anticipated mobile score viewer today, appealing to the desires of the many musicians that have moved away from the printed page and now consume sheet music on mobile devices. Relying only on HTML5 technology, the new viewer is a decisive accomplishment that sustains Noteflight’s leadership in online music notation, and takes an important step in the transition of Noteflight’s full music notation platform to web standards.

The initial release of Noteflight’s mobile viewer allows users with premium subscriptions to view and play scores on mobile platforms and devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire. Users may also view scores on any HTML5-enabled web browser in any environment. The viewer is 100% web-based, and no apps need to be purchased or installed.

As part of their premium subscription, Crescendo users will be able to view Noteflight scores in a variety of learning, practice and performance settings. Noteflight’s K-12 and university educational customers can now deploy mobile devices in their classroom and rehearsal halls, freeing students from computer labs and the inconvenience of paper while giving students the ability to read music on their device of choice.

Noteflight’s mobile viewer incorporates innovative performance and practice features not found in other score reading environments. Ensemble players can select any instrumental part in a piece and view it in transposed score, making Noteflight a compelling way to deliver music to a mobile-enabled group of players. For practicing musicians, Noteflight has another unique feature: when the end of a page is reached during playback, the viewer previews a portion of the beginning of the music on the following page, allowing musicians to read ahead seamlessly at page turns.

“We know that mobility is an essential part of our users’ musical lives, and we’ve responded to their needs,” explained Joe Berkovitz, CEO and Founder of Noteflight. “We also see the Noteflight HTML5 viewer as critical to the pursuit of our vision of making musical scores available anywhere, anytime. We will continue on this path and bring Noteflight’s creation and editing and capability to mobile in the near future using technology based on open standards.”

Noteflight’s mobile viewer provides tremendous value to its partners in the music publishing industry by giving them the ability to establish new mobile channels through which to sell and distribute their content. “Our HTML5 music viewer is built on top of the very broad capabilities of Noteflight Publishing Server, so it carries benefits far beyond Noteflight’s own web site,” remarked Mr. Berkovitz. “We see this technology as a sea change for the sheet music industry, empowering our partners such as Hal Leonard, CCLI and Music Sales to deliver content to their audience in a new environment.” Noteflight offers cloud-based music notation software to individuals, K-12 music teachers and university level music educators. It also licenses its viewer technology to leading global music companies, including sheet music publishers and digital content distributors.


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