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Solo Bass Innovator Steve Lawson Joins the Markbass Family

Solo Bass Innovator Steve Lawson Joins the Markbass Family…  Steve Lawson, one of the world’s most celebrated and influential solo bass artists, has joined the Markbass roster of endorsing artists. The bassist, who currently resides in Birmingham, UK, had been previously using the AS 602 powered loudspeakers by Markaudio.

“For the last few years, I haven’t owned a bass amp, having been unable to find something that combined the bass-friendly qualities I needed with the clarity of a PA,” he explains. “That all changed when I first heard the Combo 121 Lite—the clarity, power and intuitive tone-shaping add up to them being the finest bass amps I’ve ever played through. That I can get all of that tone and volume in such a compact lightweight package is nothing short of astonishing!”

Steve has released ten acclaimed solo albums, and has performed with Michael ManringHoward JonesJez CarrTheo TravisLawson/Dodds/WoodLobelia and many others. As founder of The Recycle Collective, he has performed alongside many of the leading lights of the UK jazz and improvised music scene, including Leo AbrahamsCleveland Watkiss,BJ ColeOrphy Robinson and Seb Rochford, legendary American violinist Todd Reynoldsand Royal Opera mezzo-soprano Andrea Hazell.

Steve’s current album is “Believe in Peace,” and he is also promoting a new, remasteredrelease of “11 Reasons Why 3 is Greater Than Everything.” Upcoming releases will include duo recordings with Mike OutramDaniel Berkman and Michael Manring.

Markbass is proud to welcome Steve to the family!

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