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Mikel vk – Bass Musician Magazine Q&A


Mikel vk – Bass Musician Magazine Q&A

Mikel vk – Bass Musician Magazine Q&A

Mikel vk

Born In What City:
I was born in Pasadena, CA but lived most of my life in Templeton, CA.

Current Band(s) I Play With:
PK is the only band I play for, though I’m working on a side project called “DBP”. Very experimental and volatile, though I still need to tame the beast before I let it out of its cage.

Former Bands I Have Played With:
I have played in many bands ranging from rock, punk and experimental to brass ensembles.

CD’s I’ve Released/ Been a Part Of:
PK – “Into The Roaring” and PK – “The Lost Boys Sessions” are the only albums you’ll find of me on iTunes. But there are a few more you might find if you dig real deep.

Describe The Way You Play Bass:
I used to play as hard and as fast as I could, but now I’m trying to harness sensible simplicity with a flare. The kind of bass that fits in well with the music but after a few listens through a track you’ll start to hear subtle nuances that you could swear weren’t there the first time you listened through the track.

What Made Me Decide to Play Bass:
I originally wanted to play guitar, but my older sister Ashley bought a guitar before I could. I realized she was probably going to get bored with it in a few months anyways, so I bought a bass. Her guitar stayed with me for years until our little brother Garrett wanted to learn so I gifted her guitar to him. Now he shreds harder than most professionals I know.

Musical Influences:
Hunter (AFI), Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), Steve Farrell (Kid Dynamite), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Slug, Billy Idol, The Cure, Bryan Keinlen (The Bouncing Souls). Lately I’ve been getting into Flea, revisiting old Rancid albums, and to keep things interesting I listen daily to an album I have never heard before.

Favorite Musical Styles:
I was hugely influenced by punk music. I can’t deny my roots. I’m also really into rap, and any music that makes you feel awesome, be it alternative, country, metal, name it. I’m a sucker for pop music too. And whatever the pretty girl sitting next to me wants to listen to

My Bass(es):
Ernie Ball Sting Ray, Fender P-bass, a few hand me downs I’ve gathered over the years, and I’ve got a custom Jazz coming my way as well.

My Amps and Other Gear:
Right now my Ampeg SVT-II Pro is in the shop so I’m using an Ampeg B4R with a classic 8×10.

Best Bass Advice You’ve Ever Received: “Play the bass like it’s a part of you. Dig into it and play it like you mean it.” Anyone can pick up a bass and pluck a string but it’s not until you start playing with your soul that you can really start to geek out on how rad your bass guitar really is.

One Piece Of Advice For Other Bassists: What can go wrong WILL go wrong. Know your gear inside and out. Nothing is worse than trying to fix a problem onstage in the middle of a song, in the dark, with gear you aren’t familiar with. Also, keep a small flashlight with you on stage.

Favorite Quote or Life Philosophy: “Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.” -James Cash Penney

Most Amazing Gig so Far:
PK opened for Aerosmith… that was pretty epic to say the least. We also did a few shows up the coast with Angels and Airwaves, which was awesome. Super nice dudes and killer jams. The best shows we play though are the shows where our fans can get up close, help us rip down the walls, and drip blood, sweat, and tears with us. Only without the tears, cause boys don’t cry.

Dream Gig: I want to build a stadium on the moon that is twice the size of Wembley and play to a sold out crowd in the chaos of low gravity.

Most Embarrassing Moment on Stage: I swung/threw my bass around me once during a set and when I went to catch the bass our guitar player threw his head right where the bass was supposed to end up. The connection almost gave him a concussion. It probably looked fairly sweet but I remember feeling pretty stupid.

Favorite Tip to Share on Traveling With Your Bass: Hard case works better, unless you’re going to SxSw at which you’ll want a soft case with backpack straps. I just saved you’re life if you’ve never been to Southby.

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t A Musician: I’d be a stunt car driver or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s.

The Question No One Ever Asks Me, But I Have Been Dying to Share: “You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris?

What You Can Look Forward to From Me this Year: The autobiography will be out late 2012, but until then you can come hang out with me at shows all over the Pacific NW/SW, listen to “the Lost Boys Sessions”, a few music videos this summer, and a new full length towards the end of the year.

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