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SIGHT READING WORKOUT FOR BASS: ACCIDENTALS – EBOOK/PDF VERSION…  The goal of this book is to help bass players develop total proficiency in reading accidentals. The inspiration came from a friend who worked as a personal trainer. He told me he’d “isolate” muscle groups to gain strength. I began to wonder: what if we isolated an unfamiliar bass skill and became an expert in it? What impact could this have? I also began to imagine being able to read anything. ANYTHING! “What gigs would I enjoy doing? What musicians would I play with? What opportunities would open up for me?” Whatever your answers, those key opportunities make practice feel worthwhile! This book was written from this desire to help others improve.

Sight Reading Workout For Bass: Accidentals is a complete guide that, if practiced slowly and regularly, will add great value to your recognition of accidentals. The exercises work as building blocks, so it’s recommended to play them in order. Resist the urge to jump ahead, particularly in the first two chapters where things can feel repetitive. It’s this very repetition that’s needed to build the crucial muscle memory to read like a pro! So be thorough. Musical growth is directly proportional to hours spent practicing. Written in standard notation and TAB. 64 Pages and 5 MP3 files.
Product Code: IND117
Format: eBook (pdf & MP3 package)
Artist/Author: Peter Bierma
Publisher/Distributor: Anchor Weight Publishing
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