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Aguilar Amplification Announces the AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC Pickups

Aguilar Amplification Announces the AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC Pickups… Aguilar Amplification is pleased to announce the AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC hum-canceling pickup sets. As a direct replacement for 4 and 5-string Fender Jazz® and other J-style basses, these split-coil pickups give you noiseless Jazz Bass tone that works for all playing styles.

With traditional single-coil pickups, bassists are plagued by hum when the neck and bridge pickups are at different volume levels. While other hum-canceling pickups tackle the noise, you are left with thinner lows, a harsher midrange and a lack of dynamics.

The Aguilar hum-canceling pickups feature a split-coil design that allows you to get any pickup level combination without 60-cycle hum – all while retaining the natural, organic tone of your bass. Now you can experience the deep, resonant low-end of the neck pickup or solo the bridge pickup for that sought-after midrange cut without annoying hum!

Wound in Aguilar’s NYC factory, the HC pickups use 42 gauge Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets for the big, dynamic tone that Aguilar pickups are known for.

The AG 4J-HC pickups will be available in July 2012 and carry a list price of $249.00. The AG 5J-HC pickups will be available shortly afterwards with a list price of $289.00.

Aguilar Amplification manufactures high quality bass pickups in NYC.  Our goal is to make pickups that sound great and satisfy the most discerning bassists.

Aguilar pickups are used by many famous bass players including Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, NIN, and many others), Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten), Eric Holden (Shakira), Nathan Thomas (Scotty McCreery) and Matt Novesky (Blue October).  For more information, please visit:

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