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Amptweaker MOD Version of the Bass TightDrive

Amptweaker MOD Version of the Bass TightDrive… Many bassists use dual rigs, especially in 3 piece bands, where one rig is a clean bass tone and the other is a more overdriven tone. Sometimes they even crossover the tone and only run higher stuff through the distortion rig.  The reason for all this is that distortion tends to sound the best when the lowend is rolled off some, and the dual rig retains that lost lowend from the dry signal.  Of course taking two rigs to a gig can be impractical for some players, so after receiving many requests, Amptweaker developed a MOD for the Bass TightDrive which adds an extra knob on the face.  This adds dry lowend back to the tone, making it easy to simulate professional dual amp rigs as used by artists like dUg Pinnick.  The phase is carefully matched to the distorted tone, so that it sounds natural when a little is added in.  This special MOD version can be special-ordered either from your Amptweaker dealer or directly from the Amptweaker store page for an additional $30, or it can be added to an existing Bass TightDrive pedal for $50 shipped free in the USA.

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