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Caparison Basses Now Come With Rotosound Strings

Caparison Basses Now Come With Rotosound Strings… Rotosound strings have got together with Caparison Guitars and Basses, which now come strung with their strings across the whole range.

Caparison Guitars have chosen to supply their guitars and basses with Rotosound strings following extensive testing by their chief designer, Itaru Kanno who described them as ‘ very different, with a longer sustain and a clear interval feeling which is a proof of accuracy’. The boutique Japanese guitar manufacturer produces some of the world’s finest high-end solid bodied electric guitar and basses and endorsees include Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Joel stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) and a host of other top metal guitar and bassists.

Rotosound strings have a long history of being used by some of the greatest artists in rock including Jimi Hendrix, Steve Harris, Duff McKagan and many others. This new deal will see Caparison Guitars fitted with their strings from their Nickel on steel Roto range including R9 Super Lights, R9 – 7 string sets and RH10 sets with Light Top / Heavy Bottom strings. The Caparison Basses will be delivered with Rotosound RS66LD famously used by Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle and Geddy Lee.

To find out more about this flawless blend of British strings on a Japanese guitar or bass visit for Rotosound and for Caparison Guitars.

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