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Charles Dolan, Bass Musician Magazine Q&A

Bass Musician Magazine Q&A with Bassist Charles Dolan…

Charles Dolan

Born In What City:
Oyster Bay, NY

Current Band(s) I Play With:
Tauk, Hip Cat is Dead Man

CD’s I’ve Released/ Been a Part Of:
Tauk – Pull Factors, The Knocks – Magic,

Describe The Way You Play Bass:
My first priority is to stay in the pocket and support the musicians playing around me. I feel as a bass player my goal is make everyone sound better by embellishing what they are doing while holding down the fort.

What Made Me Decide to Play Bass:
I really wanted a drum set in 7th grade for my birthday, I got a bass instead and haven’t looked back since!

Musical Influences:
Jaco Pastorius, Rocco Prestia, Paul Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, and Ludwig Von Beethoven.

Favorite Musical Styles:
Hard to get away from old school Funk, Soul, Rock & Jazz. I also love Fusion, R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic music, modern/new jazz, Classical, Reggae & Pop. I find it really hard to write off any style of music… No matter what genre it is, someone somewhere is taking it to new and interesting places, I try to accept it all.

My Bass(es):
I almost exclusively play my Clifford Roi 5 string. Every now and then I’ll break out the 68′ Fender P-bass with some flats and go to town!

My Amps and Other Gear:
I most often play through my 2×12 Brickhouse Cabinets with a Walter Woods Blue Light Amp. If the gig is big enough, I’ll bring out the 70’s Ampeg SVT Head and 8×10 combo.

Best Bass Advice you’ve Ever Received:
Use your ears and your feelings.

One Piece Of Advice For Other Bassists:
Take chances and take them with confidence.

Favorite Quote or Life Philosophy:
A goal is not always meant to be reached… it’s often serves simply as something to aim at. -Bruce Lee

Most Amazing Gig so Far:
Opening for Robert Randolph and the Family Band at Terminals 5 in NYC. Got to sit in with Robert playing “When The Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin

Dream Gig:
Headline Radio City Music Hall (My favorite venue)

Most Embarrassing Moment on Stage:
NYU Freshman Jazz ensemble at Starbucks in Washington Square Park… My turn to solo, where are we in the song again???…HELP!!!

Favorite Tip to Share on Traveling With Your Bass:
Pack light, your back will thank you for it later.

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t A Musician:
It’s hard to imagine anything else at the moment… Maybe making an iPhone app, I feel like all my friends are doing that.

The Question No One Ever Asks Me, But I Have Been Dying to Share:
I have been doing an apprenticeship with legendary luthier Roy Hutchinson of Clifford Roi Basses out of Long Island. There is no one out there who puts more thought, skill and love into building basses.

What You Can Look Forward to From Me in 2012:
Tauk will be hitting the road hard! Look for us playing around the east coast!

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