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Olympus LS-10S Linear PCM Recorder is Back by Popular Demand

Olympus LS-10S Linear PCM Recorder is Back by Popular Demand… Originally released in 2008, the Olympus LS-10S Linear PCM audio recorder is back by popular demand and available exclusively at Guitar Center stores everywhere. The LS-10S (previously named the LS-10) is a favorite gadget for artists, parents, students, nature enthusiasts and anyone looking for a pocket-sized audio recorder to capture memories and information in the form of pristine audio. Whatever your passion, the Olympus LS-10S has satisfied the audio demands of users across the country.

“It’s unbelievable to watch people find new and fascinating ways to use their LS-10S,” said Amy Leslie, Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager at Olympus Imaging America Inc. “LS-10S recordings have popped up everywhere on the internet – everything from live music to multimedia presentations – and the number of uploads is a testament to both the creativity of Olympus customers and the LS-10S’ sound quality, intuitive controls and striking design.”

The LS-10S PCM recorder boasts a sleek, convenient design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This portability allows users to take their LS-10S PCM recorder everywhere they go, and an online search will show the LS-10S PCM recorder has been used to capture audio in a wide-variety of settings and situations.

To hear a few examples of LS-10S audio recordings, visit the Olympus’ Audio Blog

In addition to look, feel and performance, part of the success of the LS-10S PCM recorder can be attributed to its simplicity. Intuitive control buttons and menu commands allow even novice users to record professional-quality audio. Capable of recording 24bit/96 kHz audio for up to 12 hours, the device operates on just two AA batteries and requires no cumbersome external gear. It is also made of lightweight aluminum, providing a durable, yet incredibly light recording device, weighing a mere 5.8 ounces, including batteries.

Even with its compact design, the LS-10S PCM recorder houses a powerful built-in stereo speaker capable of capturing high-quality audio in a number of recording settings, including PCM, WAV and MP3 formats. It also offers 2 GB of built-in memory with a SD/SDHC card slot for expanded capacity.

For a complete list of specifications, visit the Olympus website.

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