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Ray Riendeau New CD, STAR MONARCHY

Ray Riendeau New CD, STAR MONARCHY… STAR MONARCHY is a new project by bassist-producer Ray Riendeau. Ray is best known for his work with  Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and most recently  as the bassist for Dream Theater singer James LaBrie. The projects first release is titled “Volume 1” and is out now.

STAR MONARCHY is  produced and written by Ray and is a mix of various styles such as metal, modern rock, progressive, etc. It  features many “guest” musicians throughout from popular bands in the metal genre.

Ray Riendeau (bass) – JAMES LABRIE, ROB HALFORD
Bjorn Strid (vocals) – SOILWORK
Dan Tompkins (vocals) – TESSERACT —
Rody Walker (vocals) – PROTEST THE HERO
Sean Dailey (vocals) – THE BETTER DEATH
Mike Semesky (vocals) – ORDINANCE
Ben Dixon (vocals) – SESSION ARTIST —
Francesco Artusato (guitar) – ALL SHALL PERISH
Alex Rudinger (drums) – THREAT SIGNAL
Danny Handler (drums) – THE BETTER DEATH
Peter Wildoer (drums) – DARKANE, JAMES LABRIE
Derek Taylor (guitar) – STARA ZAGORA
Thomas Pulda (screams) – ANOMALY

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