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TC Electronic Introduces Its Most Compact Bass Head Ever, BH250 with TonePrint

TC Electronic Introduces Its Most Compact Bass Head Ever, BH250 with TonePrint… TC’s new BH250 is the only bass head that offers virtually endless musical and tonal inspiration via the revolutionary TonePrint concept in a package small enough to fit in a gig bag pocket. This compact, low-end wonder comes with a massive 250 watts of power and a tone to die for, but it also adds ultimate versatility via the unique TonePrint feature and a built-in bass tuner that works on anything from 4 to 6 strings.

The TonePrint concept allows for loading signature bass effects in seconds: Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Sub’n’ Up Octaver, SpectraComp or Bass Drive. Players can choose from an ever-expanding list of signature artist TonePrints created by bass masters like Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Fourplay, Toto), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stoneage), Gail Ann Dorsey (Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Seal), Mark King (Level 42), Roscoe Beck(Leonard Cohen, Robben Ford) and many more, all available for free on TC’s website or via the TonePrint App for iPhone and Android.

Beam It!
So how can these signature bass effects actually be loaded? There are two ways. First, the ultra-cool way: Beaming! Anyone who owns an iOS or Android device can simply download the free TonePrint App and place the speaker of the device over the magnetic pickup of their bass. Now TonePrints can be beamed through the pickups and cable directly into BH250, which will magically adapt to become whatever the TonePrint has decided that it should be – a subtle chorus charmer, a brutal drive monster, an over-the-edge octaver, a squashing compressor, a psychedelic flanger or a head-spinning vibrato. Alternatively, the amp can be hooked up to a PC or Mac for loading the TonePrints via USB. No doubt, playing with bass effects is loads of fun and can be an everlasting source of inspiration, triggering totally different ideas for new grooves and bass lines.

Take It Away!
BH250 is so compact that it will fit in the pocket of most standard gig bags, and at just 4 lbs., the weight is hardly going to be noticeable. Whether it should be used at rehearsal spaces, at home for practicing, for gigging at small to medium-sized venues or all of the above, BH250 is the perfect, portable solution.

Tweak It Around!
Great bass tone is always essential. BH250’s Tone Control section may look like a standard solution with Treble, Mid and Bass knobs, but each will react differently whether used for cutting or boosting. When bass players want to beef up the bottom, it is typically at a different frequency than if they want to cut a bit of low-end, and this applies to the Mid and High areas as well. Therefore the Tone Control section has been painstakingly tailored to give bass players exactly what they are looking for when tweaking the Bass, Mid and Treble knobs.

Stack It Up!
BH250 can be hooked up to any cabinet, or combination of cabinets (min. 4 ohm load). TC recommends its range of BC cabinets that come in 2×10”, 2×12” and 4×10” configurations, or its top range of bass cabinets – the RS series – that are available as 1×12”, 2×10”, 2×12” and 4×10”.

Step On It!
A TC Electronic ‘Switch 3’ footswitch can be added for even more control. TonePrint effects can be punched in and out and the amp can be muted. Furthermore, even though the TonePrint knob controls one effect at a time, the previously loaded effect is stored in the internal circuit and with the third switch this effect can be punched in and out as well, which in reality gives BH250 a dual effect section capable of combining any 2 of the 6 effect types available.

BH250 – Instant Inspiration!

BH250 Main Features
• Portable – 4 lbs. / 1,8 kg.
• Inspirational – TonePrint Signature Bass Effects.
• TonePrint Artists – Signature Effects Created by Some of the Best Bass Players Around.
• TonePrint Effect Types – Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Octaver, SpectraComp & BassDrive
• Built-in Bass Tuner – Tunes Any Bass with 4, 5 or 6 Strings in Seconds.
• Intelligently Contoured Tone Controls –  Tailored Specifically for Bass:
Bass Cut: 80Hz, Bass Boost: 100Hz
Mid Cut: 500Hz, Mid Boost: 800Hz
Treble Cut: 1800Hz, Treble Boost: 5000Hz
• Dimensions – 8.7” x  2.5 x 9.1” / 220 mm x 63 mm x 231 mm

USD 299
EUR 299
GBP 245

October 2012

BH250 Online
BH250 Video – 5 Things You Need to Know

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