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Gruv Gear Teams Up With Distributor Hand Truck Japan Corporation

Gruv Gear Teams Up With Distributor Hand Truck Japan Corporation… California-based Gruv Gear, designer and manufacturer of innovative utility transport systems, proudly announces a new distribution arrangement with Hand Truck Japan Corporation. The agreement brings to the shores of Osaka a fresh line of user-friendly, convertible hand trucks and professional trolleys that Japan has never seen before. Being the world’s 2nd largest music products market and a foremost consumer of hand trucks, Gruv Gear’s debut to the masses is expected to take the market by storm.

The deal was inked within a few short weeks after Shousai Matsuda, CEO of Hand Truck Japan Corporation, discovered Gruv Gear’s products online. Prior to founding his company, Mr. Matsuda spent a year-and-a-half conducting market research and analyzing the hand truck industry in Japan. He found that Japan has the largest sales of hand trucks by population, an industry monopolized by 4 large manufacturers. Matsuda observed that these manufacturers all create the same generic type of hand trucks designed as one size fits all solutions.

“We discovered that a large majority of users find the current selection of hand trucks to be generic, uncomfortable, and difficult to use,” notes Matsuda. “By focusing on largely ignored niche segments we expect to see a favorable shift in market share.”

“When I first saw the V-Cart Solo I was very excited. There’s nothing else like it and we expect Gruv Gear products to be very disruptive to the Japanese market. We’ve been receiving sales inquiries every day now.”

“Teaming up with Hand Truck Japan is an amazing blessing,” says Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear. “We had been searching for the perfect partner to introduce our brand to the strong Japanese market, and we have been very impressed so far with Matsuda’s drive and determination to giving our brand a huge start. We’re excited to hear everyone’s reactions when they discover our ‘redefined’ hand trucks in Japan. We anticipate both consumers and industrial users will be thrilled about the availability of our modern utility carts.”

Owen Davis, International Sales Manager at Hand Truck Japan, adds, “This is a really exciting deal for us. The Japanese hand truck market hasn’t really innovated in a few decades. Gruv Gear products are truly a generation ahead.”

The initial roster of retailers bringing Gruv Gear to consumers include Hand Truck Pro, a subsidiary of Soumeiwa Co., LTD, Amazon Japan, and Rakuten Ichiba. Matsuda and his team aims to move fast and anticipate a 10 percent share of the hand truck market within the next 6 months.

For more information on Gruv Gear and its thoughtful line of utility hand trucks, visit To learn more about Hand Truck Japan Corporation and to inquire about becoming an authorized dealer, visit

About Gruv Gear
Gruv Gear designs and builds innovative utility gear and accessories for creative professionals, including musicians, DJs, photographers, cinematographers, film makers, audio/video engineers, and media crews. Founded by a musician and product designer, the California-based company has been seeing tremendous forward momentum and widespread acclaims in a very short time, with global patents pending for its current innovations and more game-changing products slated for this year and beyond.

Gruv Gear continues to flex its marketing muscle with grassroots clinics and events, exclusive online campaigns, and major artist endorsements. The company has already made avid endorsers out of some of the world’s top artists, including musicians from American Idol, Cirque du Soleil, and the Michael Jackson “The Immortal” World Tour. Other world-renowned endorsers include Peter Erskine (multi Grammy-winning drummer, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Yellowjackets), Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), Paul John, Jr. (Alicia Keys, Nelly Furtado), Gerald Veasley (Joe Zawinul, Electric Mingus Project), Norm Stockton (Lincoln Brewster), DJ Icy Ice (World Famous Beat Junkies, Black Eyed Peas Parties, Grammy After Parties, Manny Pacquiao After Parties), and Ray Roman (award-winning cinematographer and named one of the top 25 studios in the world).

Gruv Gear products are currently distributed in the USA by Musical Distributors Group, in Europe by Adam Hall GmbH, in Canada by Heartbeat Distributors Ltd., in India by Rockin’ 24/7, by Labex in Lebanon, and by Hand Truck Japan Corporation in Japan.

About Hand Truck Japan Corporation
Hand Truck Japan was founded in early 2012 with the vision of globalizing the material handling equipment industry in Japan. Specializing in import and export sales of hand trucks and related products in emerging niche markets, Hand Truck Japan is the most efficient and reliable trader of storage and handling equipment with headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

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