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CLASSIC FUNK AND R&B GROOVES FOR BASS… 101 examples of Funk and R&B lines. There are no ‘exercises,’ only actual bass grooves. Classic Funk and R&B Grooves does cover techniques and concepts, including the use of muted (ghost) notes, string raking, vibrato, syncopation, and the use of non-scalar intervals such as octaves and dominant sevenths. Instead of putting these to work in drills, though, the player goes straight into grooving. Call it instruction by osmosis, if you will, but bear in mind that the great funk bassists learned to play this way. If you study enough vocabulary, and use it in a real setting, you learn the language. Every bass groove you find here was played and recorded first in real-time jams with living, breathing drummers, then transcribed later. By contrast, most instruction books are written first, and the musical examples are played to a drum machine. It’s critical to the spirit of this book/CD package that live drums are used throughout, and you’ll feel the difference from the first track. Written in standard notation and TAB. 36 pages.

CLASSIC FUNK AND R&B GROOVES FOR BASS available at BassBooks.com

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