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Duende Duet, Trio and ‘Avishai Cohen with Strings’ – World Premiere

Duende Duet, Trio and ‘Avishai Cohen with Strings’ – World Premiere… This upcoming tour brings to the road three musical projects; ‘Duende’ Duet with Nitai Hershkovits, The Trio with Omri and Amir, and a first!… The world premiere of ‘Avishai with Strings.’

Avishai will take to the stage for the ‘World Premiere’ of his newest project ‘Avishai with Strings’ on Wednesday 24th October at the Essen Philharmonie, Germany.

The line up will consist of Avishai on bass and vocals, with a beautiful mix of musicians on drums, piano, violin, two violas, cello and an oboe. If you’d like to make this exciting first show, tickets are available HERE

More shows of the strings project are currently being confirmed for 2013.

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