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Ibanez Introduces 4 and 5-String Premium Version of ATK Bass

Ibanez Introduces 4 and 5-String Premium Version of ATK Bass… Though Ibanez bass fans herald the company for its decades of bass innovation, there is one model, the ATK, that is decidedly a tip o’ the hat—at least in profile— to a more classic style of bass.

“Metaphorically speaking,” says Ibanez USA Bass Product Manager Kiyo Yamada, “If it were a song, the ATK would be that familiar chord progression that takes a surprising turn. Specifically, the ATK’s surprising turn is that it’s far more versatile than any other bass in its category.”

Originally introduced in 1995, the straightforward ATK has, at times been overshadowed by
the bassmaker’s famous Soundgear instruments—though not without developing its own a cadre of rabid enthusiasts along the way.

Simultaneously, Ibanez’s Premium line of guitars and basses have built a full head of steam in over the last two years. Designed for the working pro, Premium guitars and basses have proven to be timely answer to the recent austere economic climate. With custom-shop grade appointments like hand-rolled fret edges, and other pro-level features, the reviewers’ consensus has been that the Ibanez Premiums consistently deliver quality well beyond their price-point.

“Creating a Premium ATK (ATK800EWNF & 5-string ATK805EWNF) seemed like the natural next step. But from the get-go we committed ourselves to building an ATK that is more musically versatile than anything in its class,” says Yamada. Much of the R and D was focused on the pickups. “The combination of our proprietary CAP Sonic Arch pickup in the neck position and our specially designed CAP double humbucker for the bridge provides the player an unusually wide tone palette.”

“Knowing full well that ’versatility’ is an overused claim in the bass world,” says Yamada, “We recorded a set of sound samples for the Ibanez website. In the end it doesn’t matter what we say. The players themselves need to judge whether the ATK actually ‘walks the walk.’

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