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The Adventures of Igor and His Friend Octavius Debuts!

The Adventures of Igor and His Friend Octavius Debuts!… We always love sharing great news about the bass community… and it is always wonderful to share something special involving one of our writers!

Igor Saavedra was contacted by an animation studio who offered him to make an animated series named “The Adventures of Igor and his friend Octavius” and also a paper comic series with the same name. They got the idea when they saw “The Adventures of Gosavín,” which Igor published on Facebook a couple months ago using a rag doll that looks exactly like him, which was specially handmade by a very good friend as a birthday gift…. it also has a rag 8-string bass that looks exactly like Igor’s!

Check it out…

View Episodes in English

View Episodes in Spanish

New comics appearing each week… so stay tuned for more of  “The Adventures of Igor and His Friend Octavius!”


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