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Bass Music Meets Orchestral Score in New Jack Trammell Album Pillars of Creation

Bass Music Meets Orchestral Score in New Jack Trammell Album Pillars of Creation… Producer/Composer Jack Trammell is at the forefront of bringing together the worlds of Bass Music and Film/TV/Soundtracks in his latest album “Pillars Of Creation.” With heavy features in movie/game trailers like Looper, Cloud Atlas, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Total Recall, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and more, he’s already turning millions of ears onto his vision of futuristic orchestral music with dubstep/bass music influence.

With my newest album, “Pillars of Creation“, I wanted to dive deeper into my early influences. I’ve always been a fan of Sci-fi films and TV shows like Star Trek, The Matrix, Lost, 12 Monkeys, Star Wars etc. So I tried to incorporate lush atmospheres and other-worldly sound design into my hard hitting style. Songs like “Critical Mass” or “Echelon” are good examples of how I tried to create a spacey, Sci-fi soundscape, while always ascending into a larger, more action packed scenario…just like those great Scifi films do. And I really love some of the new Dubstep coming out. So the whole album has this synergistic marriage of Scifi movie sounds, and hot new Dubstep craziness. – Jack Trammell

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