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Doug Johns BLOMP!

Doug Johns BLOMP!… BLOMP! hits you with ten greasy tracks, each armed with a fresh approach and Doug Johns’ unique brand of superfunky music.  Returning artists Kenny Anderson (horns), Oz Noy (guitar) and Otmaro Ruiz (keys) enforce Johns’ signature compositional flavor, while newcomer JSimms (drums) keeps the groove deep in the pocket with a magnetic new energy.

“I’ve loved producing all four of my CDs,” says bassist Johns, “but I can honestly say that BLOMP! was the most fun to create. I’m grateful that I’ve evolved to this new place as an artist where it’s okay to write music that makes me laugh, cry, or even talk gibberish. This CD is more of ‘me’ than anything I’ve ever put out there.”

BLOMP! showcases Doug Johns’ alluring combination of intuitive songwriting and raw, transcendent bass technique. “Speak in Tongues” opens the CD with an almost-eerie nod to that classic fusion sound, with finger-twisting chords wrapped around enduring horn lines. Doug’s all-bass treatment promises you’ll never think of the rock and roll anthem, “Godzilla,” the same way again, and track 8’s “For Andy” is unparalleled as a solo bass piece: Wild, passionate, and intensely exposed.

TRACK LISTING                                                      

1. Speak in Tongues 6. Kolob Flies
2. Eye of the Bison 7. Isodope
3. Ya Gotta Get Up Early

4. Earth and Sky

5. Godzilla

8. For Andy

9. Blomp

10. Cartoon Brain

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