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Victor Bailey Featured on Bob Wolfman’s Transition

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Victor Bailey Featured on Bob Wolfman’s Transition

Victor Bailey Featured on Bob Wolfman's TransitionVictor Bailey Featured on Bob Wolfman’s Transition… In a nutshell, “TRANSITION” represents Bob Wolfman’s diverse/eclectic tastes in music from one style to another, and his stylistic versatility both as a guitarist/vocalist and as a composer.

The concept that Larry Coryell brought to the table for this project was to show Bob’s vocal talent and range as well as his “chops” and chameleon-like proficiency on the guitar. Coupled with an absolutely stunning, rock solid rhythm section of heavyweights such as Victor Bailey, Kenwood Dennard and Ferdi Argenti, Coryell feels that this album will be a smash hit with audiences and critics alike.

Bob Wolfman grew up in New York City during the musical renaissance of the late 60’s and into the 70’s in a very musical neighborhood. He began playing guitar at the age of 11 and began to seriously develop and hone his skills playing all around the New York tri- state area during his teens. Doing studio work and club dates in Manhattan helped to further develop Bob’s unique versatility and professional sensibility both as a performer and recording artist/composer. Bob is an extremely versatile musician, well versed in Blues, Rock and Jazz. He has performed with such greats as keyboard genius – Chick Corea, the “Godfather “ of Jazz/Rock Fusion – Larry Coryell, New York studio session icon/producer – Joe Beck, legendary bassist for Weather Report – Victor Bailey, one of the world’s top drummers – Kenwood Dennard, Bassist for Ahmad Jamal – James Cammack, sax giant for Van Morrison – John Payne, Blues vocalist Toni Lynn Washington, Blues/Jazz harmonica icon – Mike “Turk” Richards, and many more. He has played on several hundred recordings as a session guitarist.

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