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Chicago Bass Ensemble – Sounds of the South Loop

Chicago Bass EnsembleChicago Bass Ensemble – Sounds of the South Loop… Bassist Jacque Harper will be performing on March 10, 2013 at 2:30 pm at Chicago’s Second Presbyterian Church with the Chicago Bass Ensemble. This is the inaugural season of “Sounds of the South Loop”.

The planned program includes:

Teppa Hauta-Aho’s “Why?”
Tony Osborne’s “Rocket Man”
Two Bach Fugues arranged by Joel DiBartolo
Paul Ramsier’s “Lullaby”
Dan Armstrong’s “Wildebeests and Warthogs”
Jan Alm’s “Kvartett”
a transcription of Telemann’s Concerto for four Violins in C major
3 Spanish Motets by Tomas Luis de Victoria

Suggested donation for the concert ranges from $8 (Senior, online) to $18 (regular, at the door).

The Chicago Bass Ensemble is a group of Jacques colleagues in Chicago, all of whom are double bass players. They enjoy the opportunity to play challenging and interesting music in a chamber setting, and look forward to sharing their music with you.

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