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TC Electronic Announces Free ‘Bass Masterclass’ TonePrint Collection

TC Electronic Announces Free ‘Bass Masterclass' TonePrint CollectionTC Electronic Announces Free ‘Bass Masterclass’ TonePrint Collection… Gary Willis, Richard Bona, Hadrien Feraud, Carles Benavent, Chris Minh Doky, Janek Gwizdala and Carlos Del Puerto have created personal Bass TonePrints that TC Electronic has gathered in one premium TonePrint Collection named ‘Bass Masterclass’. This amazing collection of TonePrints is available to bassists free of charge via or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android.
The name of this TonePrint package – Bass Masterclass –sums it up nicely as this is exactly what these masters of bass deliver. All of them are recognized to be amongst the best bass players in the world, and apart from being amazing players in their own right as well as high-profiled solo artists, they have also performed, toured and recorded with Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Joe Zawinul, Bobby McFerrin, Tribal Tech, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Herbie Hancock and Bruce Springsteen – just to name a few.

In total, the Bass Masterclass TonePrint package contains 18 unique and personal Bass TonePrints, 13 of which are brand new releases: Gary Willis (‘Solo Space’ and ‘The Cloud’), Richard Bona (‘BonaFast’, ‘Bonatology’ and ‘Shakabu’), Hadrien Feraud (‘Jaco Years’ and ‘Hadrien Chorus’), Carles Benavent (‘Vano’, Hermitage’ and ‘Rhythmical Twin’) and Carlos Del Puerto (‘El Coro’ and ‘FlangeMe’).

The package also includes 5 previously released TonePrints by Chris Minh Doky and Janek Gwizdala – which have proven to be absolute fan favorites.

All of TC’s TonePrint-enabled pedals are covered (Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb, Vortex Flanger and Shaker Vibrato) and most of the TonePrints are also available for TC Electronic’s BG250 Bass Combo and BH250 Micro Bass Head.

Moren Ehlers, Bass Product Manager at TC Electronic on the Bass Masterclass experience:

“Being a bass player myself, it has been an absolute joyride meeting these great bass players – to work with them on creating their personal TonePrints and to hear them play on a one-on-one basis has been totally inspiring!

“We already had a strong collection of TonePrints from Janek Gwizdala and Chris Minh Doky and adding Richard Bona, Gary Willis, Carles Benavent, Hadrien Feraud and Carlos Del Puerto made it even better. There are definitely TonePrints for all bass players in there. Some are subtle, while others are extreme. Some are created with soloing in mind, while others are for grooving bass lines.  But in the end it’s totally up to the user to decide how they want to put them into use. As always, the rules are meant to be bent or broken. Just add imagination and creativity and anything goes!”

The Bass Masterclass TonePrint package can be downloaded for free at:


Bass Masters TonePrint Package
• Gary Willis – ‘Solo Space’ and ‘The Cloud’
• Richard Bona – ‘BonaFast’, ‘Bonatology’, ‘Shakabu’
• Hadrien Feraud – ‘Jaco Years’ and ‘Hadrien Chorus’
• Carles Benavent – ‘Vano’, ‘Hermitage’ and ‘Rhythmical Twin’
• Carlos Del Puerto – ‘El Coro’, ‘FlangeMe’ and ‘Black Beans’
• Chris Minh Doky – ’The Widener’, ‘The Trail’ and ‘The Solitude’
• Janek Gwizdala – ‘Family of Rats’ and ‘Sausage and Beer’

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