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Jens Ritter for Ritter Basses

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Jens Ritter for Ritter Basses

Jens Ritter for Ritter Basses

Jens Ritter is a Master Luthier from Germany. He specialises in crafting stringed instruments of the very highest quality – modern functional artworks. Jens lives and works in Deidesheim, a lovely little town located at the border of the Palatine Forest, South-Western Germany, only minutes away from the Rhine River. This ancient area is a famous wine-growing district, well-known for its unhurried way of life, great food and friendly hospitality. No more than 80 to 90 instruments are produced by hand every year in Ritter’s old atelier – an aged winery built in the 17th century – which creates the perfect setting for Jens to fashion his guitar masterpieces.

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