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DuoStrap Neo Guitar Strap Offers Affordable Ergonomics

duostrap-neo1-850DuoStrap Neo Guitar Strap Offers Affordable Ergonomics… For nearly half the price of the DuoStrap Signature, players will not only enjoy the comfort of Gruv Gear’s effective double strap design, but the use of quality synthetic materials on the Neo is something customers have specifically asked for.

“This economic, non-leather version has been a long time coming,” shares Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear. “The Damian Erskine Signature model was launched last year and has been a big hit, helping players of all ages play their basses and guitars more comfortably, which Damian himself, who came up the original concept, has discovered from his years of touring and playing. We’ve have customers write us expressing their heartfelt gratitude for the product, which has allowed them to play with less pain. We’ve heard from players with chronic shoulder pains, and recently from the parents of 10-year-old Matthew Jazwinski, who has a pacemaker due to a heart defect, and was experiencing severe discomfort playing his bass – Until they discovered the DuoStrap.”

Matthew’s mom, Tamara, shares in a recent email:

“I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful strap. It has truly relieved any discomfort that Matthew was experiencing and allows him to practice and rehearse for hours comfortably. I can’t emphasize enough, as a parent, how important this has been. Matthew cannot do most athletic activities that kids his age participate in due to his heart condition. Music has been such a gift to him – it allows him to communicate his passions with the world, and it really does provide a physical and emotional outlet for him. He cannot understand the world without music – and though his heart does not have its own natural rhythm, he provides one to the world with his bass. Even though this is not why the Duo Strap was invented, it has serves an amazing purpose to my son. Thank you…thank you…thank you…I can’t thank you enough.”

Matthew was recently able to play for a charity event to benefit Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago – Here’s a quick video of that performance using his DuoStrap:

The DuoStrap Neo was presented to the world at the 2013 Frankfurt Musikmesse held on April 10-14, 2013. A prototype version was also previewed and demonstrated by ergonomics advocate and health expert Dr. Randy Kertz at the recent Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. It is expected to be available for Gruv Gear’s distributors, dealers, and customers in June 2013. Inquiries from new dealers are welcome and may be directed to sales(at)gruvgear(dot)com.

For Dr. Kertz’s lecture series on the DuoStrap, please visit:

For more information on the DuoStrap Neo and other innovative music accessories by Gruv Gear, visit:

About Gruv Gear
Gruv Gear designs and builds a successful line of innovative utility gear and accessories that make life easier for creative professionals and beyond, including career musicians, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, mobile producers and more. Founded by a musician and product designer, the California-based company has been seeing tremendous forward momentum and widespread acclaims in a very short time, with global patents pending for its current innovations and more game-changing products slated for this year and beyond.

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