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Michael Pedulla Making 100% of Basses and Offering Pedulla Bass Demo Videos & Sound Clips

Michael Pedulla Making 100 percent of Basses and Offering Pedulla Bass Demo Videos & Sound ClipsMichael Pedulla Making 100% of Basses and Offering Pedulla Bass Demo Videos & Sound Clips

This just in….  Michael Pedulla has returned to making all of the basses 100% himself, which makes for lower production and, therefore, the ability to stock fewer dealers… but consumers can now view and hear the basses through the website to help determine which Pedulla bass model may best suit them. Visit Pedulla.com for  new Pedulla Bass Demo Videos & Sound Clips (with demos by Doug Johns).

Michael Pedulla started making guitars in 1975 and the demand for them grew over the years, so he hired numerous employees. After years of hiring, teaching, training, supervising, and managing (in addition to still being involved in all of the bass-making processes), he realized he was not as happy as he was when he was just by himself making instruments. The company now consists of just Michael and me, Michael makes all of the basses and does service work and I handle office duties. People seem to like knowing the newer basses are completely made by Michael’s hands (and they are, without question, the best Pedulla bass guitars ever).

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