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NoahJames Guitars Announces Major Innovation in Bass Tuning Gear Design

NoahJames Guitars Announces Major Innovation in Bass Tuning Gear DesignNoahJames Guitars Announces Major Innovation in Bass Tuning Gear Design… NoahJames Guitars expands it product line to include precision parts, with the release of JENZ precision machine heads, heralding a major breakthrough in tuning gear technology for electric basses.

Developed by music industry veteran guitar designer and custom builder, James Donahue, patent-pending JENZ machine heads are direct, drop-in replacements for the familiar open-back, elephant-ear-style bass tuning gears that have been standard equipment on one-piece-neck electric basses since their introduction.  Specifically, JENZ tuning gears incorporate threaded posts that channel strings to anchor at the lowest point on the machine head post.  This improves overall headstock stability and eliminates headstock bowing – two shortcomings that have plagued electric bass design since its inception – and brings significant benefits.  First, string installation is significantly improved.  Strings automatically wind neatly and snugly around the tuning post without any wrapping error, so a string can’t bind against itself and become prone to sticking or slippage.  Second, the common predicament that many bassists confront – the need for the truss rod to be maximally tightened to compensate for headstock bowing due to its inherent weakness from being unreinforced – is no longer encountered because the headstock remains straight and stable.  Third, the JENZ machine heads work to minimize headstock modal vibration that causes pitch warble, modal dead spots, and sustain loss.  Finally, JENZ gears also eliminate the need for string retainers that exacerbate undesirable headstock modal vibration. These improvements to bass tuning gear design not only treat many ailments common to one-piece necks, but benefits are also evident in several key areas:  easier string installation and tuning, better pitch accuracy and stability, fewer dead spot issues, and increased sustain.

JENZ bass machine heads come with a limited lifetime warranty and are easy to install, and work with any bass strings with a tapered core — regardless of gauges or wind types.  For more information, please visit

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