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Steve Jenkins to Release His New Album, Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter

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Steve Jenkins to Release His New Album, Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter

Steve Jenkins to Release His New Album, Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial FlutterSteve Jenkins to Release His New Album, Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter… In the eight years since Steve Jenkins released his critically-acclaimed first solo album “mad science,” he has played with some of the greatest and most innovative musicians on earth as a sideman; most notably with iconic guitarist and Living Colour founder Vernon Reid and a four and a half year stint as avant-jazz-rock guitarist David Fiuczynski’s bassist in two different projects (Screaming Headless Torsos, KIF). It’s been an intense period of musical growth, evolution, and introspection all leading to Jenkins’s new project and album of the same name: “Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter”.

“Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter” is a potent instrumental collision course which is equal parts progressive rock and elements of jazz fusion combined with strong undercurrents of metal and electronic music. It is instrumental music for people that hate instrumental music. It was recorded in the later part of 2011 at world-class producer Jamie Siegel’s (Lauryn Hill, Taking Back Sunday, Smashing Pumpkins) JRock Studios located in Manhattan. “I knew that for what I’m doing now with music, I needed this to sound massive and have lots of dynamics as well as be a sonic experience and Jamie was totally the right guy,” says Jenkins.

Overdubs and the last few tracks were recorded in early 2012 at Steve’s home studio in Brooklyn, and were brought back to JRock Studios to be mixed by Siegel. It was mastered by the legendary Scott Hull at Masterdisk.

“I had zero desire to make the same kind of album that I made when I recorded my first one,” explains Jenkins. “I took a completely different approach to writing and arranging the music and decided not to factor in improvisation, the instrument I play or what I thought people might want to hear from me since it’s been a while since I did my first album. Instead, I decided to take everything that currently excites me about music and factor that into the compositions in the most organic way I possibly could!”

“Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter” also finds Jenkins not only in the role of bandleader/bass player/composer but also as a multi-instrumentalist–playing guitars, synths, programming, sound design, and intricate, realistic drum programming (as heard on the blistering prog/math/metal track “Sphere.”) In addition to that, there are a plethora of different sounds and tones he gets from his basses including the lead sounds on the solos as heard on “Leave This CIty Before You Can’t” and “Parallax” which some might mistake for lead guitar but are in fact bass guitar running through various effects.

Also appearing on “Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter”  are Vernon Reid, John Shannon, and Chris Buono contributing their forward-thinking guitar playing.  Gene Lake and Adam Deitch added their next-level drumming to the music. “Everyone on this album was carefully chosen,” says Jenkins. “It wasn’t about having ‘names’ as much as it was about bringing in friends of mine who I knew were right for certain tracks. Everybody added the exact thing that was needed to make each track come alive.”

With “Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter,” Steve Jenkins has tapped into the very thing that made him want to become a musician in the first place. It is the combination of taking musical risks and his diversity as a musician that makes it possible to go from Weather Report-influenced grooves to Radiohead-esque sonic tapestries all the way to the syncopation-from-hell frantic Meshuggah-influenced riffing.

“This is exactly who I am as a musician today,” explains Jenkins. “I’m really excited to see where this new direction takes me”.

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