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Steve Uccello’s ‘Clarified Birds’ Project has Released Michael Meyer’s Atalanta Fugiens

Steve Uccello Releases Clarified BirdsSteve Uccello’s ‘Clarified Birds’ Project has Released Michael Meyer’s Atalanta Fugiens… Bassist Steve Uccello has released, “Atalanta Fugiens”, the complete recordings of the “Atalanta Fugiens” (1617) by renaissance composer/alchemist Michael Meyer.

There are 50 fugues in this cycle and he has recorded them all using a bass trio consisting of bowed upright, fretless violin (“Beatles”) bass, and fretted 4 string electric bass. In short, ancient alchemical texts with modern instrumentation.  Kind of a Dark Metal/Classical/Drone approach on the texture, but the fugues themselves are executed note for note.

As far as he knows, he is the third person ever to have recorded all 50 fugues, and the only person ever to do it with a “bass choir”!   Steve shares, “As a matter of fact I was blown away by how well these fugues laid on the bass and how they sound musical even when played in the lowest octaves of the instrument.”

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