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Bassist Justin Kastner, Bass Musician magazine Q & A


Bassist Justin Kastner, Bass Musician magazine Q & A

Bassist Justin KastnerName:
Justin Kastner

Born In What City:
Los Gatos, CA

Current Band(s) I Play With:

  • Beta State
  • James Durbin (American Idol)
  • Young Science

Former Bands I Have Played With:

  • So Help Me God
  • The Industry
  • Northern Son

CD’s I’ve Released/ Been a Part Of:

  • Beta State- “Stars”
  • Beta State- “#Friendship
  • Young Science- “Schizofriendly”
  • Young Science- “Young Science” EP

Describe The Way You Play Bass:
I’m all about playing what’s feels right for the song. Nothing too fancy, just always in the pocket. Some of my favorite bass lines are only 3 notes. Its all about the groove. I like to use a pick mainly for more of a gritty sound.

What Made Me Decide to Play Bass:
Even as a toddler I loved music. When I was older I wanted to play guitar but at the same time wanted to play drums. I started playing bass because I get to play drums on guitar. Basically I can groove like a drummer but still play along with the basic root notes of the guitar. Plus all my friends told me there weren’t enough bass players in the world. I still agree!

Musical Influences:
Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Coldplay, The Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson.

Favorite Musical Styles:
Lover of all music!

My Bass(es):

  • 1997 Fender American Precision Bass
  • 2008 Fender American Precision Bass
  • Custom Precision Bass w/ Lollar Pick-Ups
  • 1977 Gibson Grabber (Studio only)
  • 2000 Fender Mustang Bass w/ Vintage Seymore Duncan’s (Studio only)

My Amps and Other Gear:

  • Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine Bass Amp
  • Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 6×10 Bass Cabinet
  • Tech 21 Sansamp RBI
  • Digitech Bass Overdrive
  • Boss TU-3 Tuner
  • TC Helicon Voice Live Play
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone
  • Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 In-Ear Wireless Monitor System
  • Westone ES3 Ear Buds

Endorsed By:

  • Mesa Boogie
  • Dean Markley Strings

Best Bass Advice You Ever Received:
“Play consistent and stay on time”. Words of wisdom you just can’t live without!

One Piece Of Advice For Other Bassists:
The best advice I can give is to just listen to music and learn what you love. Eventually you will develop you’re own way of thinking musically.

Favorite Quote or Life Philosophy:
“If not now when? If not you who”? -Jason P.

Most Amazing Gig so Far:
Oracle Area, “Not So Silent Night 2011”. Beta State opened for Green Day, Mumford and Sons, Florence + The Machine, Bush and Young The Giant. Need I say more!?

Dream Gig:
Selling Out Madison Square Garden or Whembly Stadium would be ok I guess 🙂

Best NAMM Moment:
Meeting Drake’s Producer Noah “40” Shebib. He has incredible insight on music and production. His approach to song writing is very unique and something I look up to.

Most Embarrassing Moment on Stage:
Tripping on stage is never fun. I can think of a few occasions and they are all equally embarrassing. Sometime you really got to get down!

Favorite Tip to Share on Traveling With Your Bass:
Share gear if possible. If its expensive then insure it! Always have a good hard case.

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t A Musician:
It’s really hard to imagine doing anything else. I guess we will never know :- )

What You Can Look Forward to From Me This Year:
Beta State just released our second full length album entitled “#Friendship” as well as a Breaking Bad themed music video that is amazing and I’de love the whole world to check it out. Also, I will be recording bass on James Durbin’s next album.

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