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Black Label Society’s John JD DeServio Joins Dean Markley

Black Label Society's John JD DeServio Joins Dean MarkleyBlack Label Society’s John JD DeServio Joins Dean Markley…  Dean Markley announces the addition of John JD DeServio to their artist roster. As the bassist of Black Label Society and Cycle of Pain, Dean Markley USA looks to JD to help further expand the company’s market share and help raise JD’s visibility in the world of bass guitar and entertainment. To solidify the relationship, Dean Markley USA and JD have teamed up for a few Guitar Center in store appearances throughout the month of June.

JD is currently evaluating both of the Blue Steel and Helix bass string lines but added this, “I started using Dean Markley strings when I was with Pride and Glory 1993-1994. I always loved the tone I got with my Blue Steels.  I’m happy to be back on the team.”  “JD is bringing some new ideas to the table and we can’t wait to dig deeper into his new ideas,” added Dean Markley USA CEO Lori McCallian.
The new Helix string uses a precise elliptical shape for the winding wires; eliminating the need for coatings, treatments or frivolous alloys. The new shape required a new hyper-elliptical winding process resulting in an increased number of wraps along the length of the string. More wraps, more mass.  More mass, more tone.  By using an elliptical wire, the gap between windings is diminished to help prevent buildup of sweat, grime and dirt.   An additional benefit of the elliptical wraps are more mass, a smoother feel and less string noise without sacrificing brilliance, resonance and tone.
John JD DeServio is the bassist for Black Label Society and his own band, Cycle of Pain.  He has toured worldwide with BLS, Lita Ford, Marilyn Manson, and other numerous notable musicians. Having attended the Berklee College of Music, JD maintains a continual passion for teaching, producing, and offers his musical insights through clinics with Zakk Wylde, Eric Singer, Joe Franco, and Vinnie Moore.
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