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Jesse Mason: CitySpeak

Jesse Mason - CitySpeakJesse Mason: CitySpeak… CitySpeak is fronted by Jesse Mason, whose eclectic music style began at a young age with his fascination for the old-school chiptunes of classic videogames.  Striving to produce the interesting and unusual; atmospheric, (big-stadium sounds) are often paired with bold chiptune synths and bass. This seemingly odd combination results in a refreshingly new twist on today’s often “cookiecutter” electronic music.

CitySpeak draws his inspiration from artists like Vangelis, Nobuo Uematsu, Chemical Brothers, M83, and others.

CitySpeak actively engages his fans, and reaches out to them on a regular basis. You can find him frequenting Cityspeak’s music pages, (facebook, soundcloud, etc.) posting updates on upcoming releases and responding to what his listeners are saying about his music.

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