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MonoNeon Releases Southern Visionary

MonoNeon-Southern VisionaryIn March 2012 Killian Duarte did an Interview with Dywane ‘MonoNeon’ Thomas Jr. We are happy to announce that MonoNeon has just released digitally released, ” Southern Visionary.”

Information on the album written by the artist:

This album features microtonal musicians: Jake Sherman, Michael Vick, Melle Weijters, and Zach Curley. On this album I’m presenting my minimalistic idea of “microtonal-southern soul” with compositions, “Micro-Johnnay Taylor” and “Micro-Staple Sangus”. The title track, “Southern Visionary” is a bass solo, inspired by Johnnie Taylor’s and Z.Z. Hill’s (southern-soul singers) vocal style. I also pay homage to Elliott Carter, with the track “Elleeot Carter”, inspired by his cello concerto.

The compositions on this album is inspired by various visual art movements: Dadaism, Surrealism, Pop Art, German Expressionism, etc.

The concept behind “Southern Visionary”:
What would it sound like if Julian Carrillo chilled with Lil’ Curtis, Chris, Kirby, and Junior (MonoNeon’s kin folks)? What would it sound like if Hannah Hoch visited Orange Mound? What would it sound like if Ivan Wyschnegradsky collabed with James Carr? John Cage in the ghetto of Memphis hanging with Grandma Liz…. how would that sound?

MonoNeon Releases Southern Visionary available on iTunes

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