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Bass Book – GROOVE 101

Bass Book, GROOVE 101GROOVE 101 – This 94 pages bass method holds 260 original grooves and exercises and comes with a data DVD packed with more than 1,000 audio tracks. It is designed to help all levels of bassists improve their time, control, groove, pulse, vocabulary, theory, sight-reading and inner-clock. Groove 101 is the most complete book on the market to practice your time and learn how to play with the drums in a professional way.

Each groove has its own drum track at several tempos for a perfect match with the rhythms. This will help you improve your precision and control. The drum tracks start from full rhythmic support down to the fourth beat of each bar only. These unique drum tracks are the perfect tools to help you work on developing a steady pulse and improving your inner-clock also. The styles covered go from pop to rock, latin, funk, with a unique section on swing feel percentage of the sixteenth notes found in the hip-hop and fusion music.

GROOVE 101 is also a reference for bass tones with the recording of 16 basses through 8 high-end mic pre-amps in all sorts of combinations. The gear used for each demo is listed at the end of the book for audio reference. Groove 101 is written in standard notation with improved tabs for a better understanding of the positions used for the grooves. The book is bilingual (English and French) and comes with a data DVD containing 2.5 GB of audio files.

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