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Bass Book – TECHNIQUE 101

Bass Book - TECHNIQUE 101TECHNIQUE 101 – Technique 101 is a bilingual (English/French) Bass method containing 214 pages. The content of this book covers all the 4-strings basses from 20 frets to 24 frets and also the 5 and 6 strings basses with their dedicated instructions and appendixes.

You’ll work on many essential elements like: different fingerings for many scales and arpeggios, right-hand alternation exercises, sight-reading and a better understanding of your notes across the whole fingerboard. With 3 specific work-out guides that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced players, you’ll work and progress more efficiently through the book and optimize your practice.

Technique 101 for bass is the blend between my teaching experience at the university and college levels and my expertise as a professional studio player. Technique 101, the best technique method for serious bassists and teachers.

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