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TC Electronic Announces Free Deep Purple TonePrints – Bassist Roger Glover

TC Electronic Announces Free Deep Purple TonePrints - Bassist Steve MorseTC Electronic is proud to announce a TonePrint campaign featuring Deep Purple. With two TonePrints from Roger Glover and three from Steve Morse, there is something to love for guitarists and bassists alike!

The Roger Glover and Steve Morse TonePrints are available immediately and free of charge at or via the free TonePrint App for iOS and Android.

Roger Glover provided Roger’s Spare Room 1, a sound very much inspired by Jaco’s reverb-drenched solo sound. Roger went for an almost chorussy reverb sound, and he ended with a TonePrint he liked so much he started using it live the night he made it. Characterized by a nice round ‘quack’ and an easy attack, this reverb accompanies your playing in sweet excellence, without overstatement.

The second TonePrint is called Roger’s Fun at Home, a nice hall reverb that is not too bright, but adds some nice swells behind what you are doing, yielding a very rich tone. It really adds to your tone if you’re playing at home or in a studio and really recreates playing in a large hall in a live setting.

Morten Ehlers, TC Electronic’s Business Manager for Bass, adds: “Roger Glover is a true musician. He’s a legendary bass player, great record producer and obviously a great songwriter. But he’s very cool and down to earth and just really loves music and cool sounds – perfect for doing great TonePrints!”

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