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Aguilar AG 5P-60 Five-string P-Bass Pickup and AG 5P/J-HC Hum-Canceling Pickup Set

Aguilar AG 5P-60 Five-string P-Bass Pickup and AG 5P:J-HC Hum-Canceling Pickup SetWe are pleased to announce the AG 5P-60 five-string P-Bass® pickup and AG 5P/J-HC hum-canceling pickup set. The AG 5P/J-HC set brings together matched five-string Precision® and Jazz®-style pickups including Aguilar’s AG 5P-60 P-Bass pickup and an AG 5J-HC bridge pickup.

“The AG 5P-60 pickup truly brings the classic sound of the ‘60’s to today’s five-string Precision® basses,” says Aguilar president Dave Boonshoft. “The five-string P-Bass® has become much more prominent over the last ten years. After the massive success of our four-string AG 4P-60 we knew we had to bring the AG 5P-60 to fruition.”

The Aguilar AG 5P/J-HC is a well-balanced set that provides a flexible array of Precision® or Jazz Bass® bridge pickup tones. Now you can get the thunderous lows of the neck pickup or the midrange cut of the bridge – or both – without 60 cycle hum!

Currently touring arenas all over the US with country superstar Luke Bryan, bassist James Cook requested a 5-string P/J from Roscoe Guitars to meet his various tonal needs for stage and studio use. The finished bass has the first set of AG 5P/J-HC released and Cook could not be happier – “I was immediately taken back by how warm, crisp and transparent these pickups are. I finally have all the tonal control I need in one bass because of Aguilar’s pickups! I can go from that ‘Jamerson sound’ to ‘Jaco’ with just one turn of a knob!”

Like all Aguilar pickups, the AG 5P-60 and AG 5P/J-HC set is wound in Aguilar’s NYC factory. These pickups deliver the big, dynamic tone that Aguilar pickups are known for.

The AG 5P-60 and AG 5P/J-HC pickup set will be available September 1st, 2013.

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