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Lee Sklar is the Latest Member of the Warwick Family

Lee Sklar is the Latest Member of the Warwick FamilyLeland “Lee” Sklar is a genuine session and studio legend, and a true candidate for the
title of the most recorded bassist in all music history! James Taylor, Steve Lukather, Lyle
Lowett, Hall & Oates, The Doors, Neil Diamond, Cosby, Stills & Nash, The Spencer Davis
Group, Billy Cobham, Rod Stewart, Toto und Phil Collins – these are only some of the most
famous artists Lee has collaborated with during his extraordinary career! Furthermore,
the studio and session legend is a member of JoStLe, an extraordinary collective of
master bassists, which also comprises bass virtuoso Jonas Hellborg and fretless master
Steve Bailey!

Lee Sklar has been an avid Warwick Star Bass II user for quite some time. We are proud to
announce that he is now an official Warwick Artist and endorser of the extraordinary
instrument. The studio legend relies on the Star Bass II both in fretted and fretless
version for its extraordinary tone, playing feel and versatility. Furthermore, Lee is a
proud owner of a Warwick Triumph which he loves.

Lee’s career as a professional musician already began in the 1960s while he was studying
music at California State University in Northridge. It was there that he met famous singer-
songwriter James Taylor who invited him to join his band as a bass player. Now, the sea-
soned musician is the proud owner of a 60 year career performing in the studio and live
onstage and performed on hundreds of albums. Furthermore, Lee can be heard on count-
less film soundtracks. His tasteful playing, which always puts the song as a whole first,
is legendary today.

We are extremely proud that Lee joined the family of Warwick Artists, and are looking
forward to working together with a true bass legend!

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