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VERDINE WHITE BASS LINES - EBOOK PDF VERSIONVerdine White of course has been the bass player for Earth Wind And Fire – and he’s played on some classic tunes like September, Got To Get You Into My Life, Sing A Song, Fantasy, Boogie Wonderland and more.

For some inexplicable reason Verdine White’s work is woefully undocumented. So over the last 18 months or so I’ve been transcribing some of Verdine’s classic work and I’ve collated these transcriptions into this eBook.

One of the things that I really like about Verdine’s playing is the way that he is able to play within the context of a large band in a ‘busy’ fashion without getting in the way of the groove of the song. Rocco Prestia of similarly large horn band Tower of Power calls this ‘playing busy without stepping on nobody’s toes.’

There are three or four absolute funk classics transcribed in these pages – In The Stone, Got To Get You Into My Life and September are personal favourites of mine. The main thing that characterises all of Verdine’s playing is the sense of groove, the sense of energy and drive in his lines, being able to transition from the low end of the fingerboard to the high end of the fingerboard effortlessly, and more.

These transcriptions are a compilation of material that mostly appeared in my weekly subscription magazine First Bass And Beyond.

I try where I can to transcribe material that you can’t find in the usual places (Bass Player Magazine, books of transcriptions and so on) and very few of these songs have appeared in those channels. Verdine White’s work is woefully underappreciated and woefully under represented on the book shelves. So hopefully, this collection will go some way towards presenting some of the work of a bass player I think is a model example for beginners and intermediates to emulate. This includes accurate note-for-note transcription, one written in standard notation and TAB, and the other in just standard notation. 132 pages altogether.


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