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Chicago Music Exchange Opens The BASSment, A Bass Player Haven

bass-guitars1Bass players are treated like the middle children of rock music, feeling ignored while their siblings get all of the attention. As a result, bass guitars and gear often get little more than a tiny corner of a guitar shop staffed by people with only a cursory knowledge of all things bass.

But with the opening of the Chicago Music Exchange’s new BASSment, these musical middle children are not to be ignored anymore. The CME’s BASSment houses everything from basses and amps, to pedals and mods, and all types of bass accessories. Managed and staffed by bass specialists, the BASSment staff can provide support for any bass player’s needs.

“From James Jamerson to Paul McCartney to Bootsy Collins to Flea, bass players have been the foundation for many of the world’s most successful musical groups,” said Marc Najjar, manager of the BASSment at CME.  “As such, we decided it was about time for bassists to receive the same quality selection and dedicated service that guitarists have enjoyed forever.”

The Chicago Music Exchange BASSment offers bass players a wide selection of new, used and handmade basses and gear by manufacturers such as Rickenbacker, Fender, Xotic, Warwick, Music Man, Mike Lull, Sandberg, Fano, Ampeg, Gallien-Krueger, EBS, Phil Jones and Emperor Custom Cabinets.

The Chicago Music Exchange hosted an all-day grand opening event for the BASSment on September 28. Musicians lined the street in front of the CME to enjoy both the beautiful weather and La Adelita Food Truck. They offered 10% off basses and 15% off bass accessories during the event and raffled off a Sandberg Electra TT Bass.

About the Chicago Music Exchange:

From a single storefront on Chicago’s north side, the Chicago Music Exchange has become the world’s largest vintage guitar dealer, offering a broad selection of vintage, used and new guitars, basses, drums and other gear. Chicago Music Exchange lists instruments on its own website, on and on other leading ecommerce websites. For more information, visit

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